August 2023

On Creative Anxiety

I feel a compelling urge to create. I believe I’ve felt this way for my entire life, though I became particularly aware of it in my early twenties. Prior to that, I’m sure the urge was there, but I hadn’t yet developed an inner critic. So, the things I created were simply products of my creativity, not a reflection of my identity or an indication of my skill.

9 min read

October 2017

Css Icon Animations

I’ve begun exploring minor css animations and stylings. I’ll demonstrate an animation that I’ve recently used in one of my projects and explain how you can use them in your webpages yourself.

9 min read

August 2017

As You Type Validation

I’ve recently completed a project that required users to create an account in order to use the service. The account uses their email address as a username, so each user must submit a unique email upon account creation otherwise things will get confusing. I wasn’t using a front-end framework, so my solution needed to be pure javascript/jquery.

12 min read
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